retrieve ip of local Pc

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There is no built in way in DAQFactory. However, if you can find some information on the internet on how to retrieve it using C/C++, we could put it into a DLL that you could load with extern() into DAQFactory for you pretty easily.

Why do you need the local address?

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I thought of another way:

1) create a .bat file with this command:

ipconfig > c:\ipadd.txt

ipconfig retrieves the current ips on your system (among other things). The > redirects the output of the command to a file.

2) Use this command in DAQFactory to run the batch file:


where c:\test.bat is the name of your batch file.

3) Use the File. functions to open, read and parse that file (c:\ipadd.txt). The tricky part is on systems with multiple ethernet cards. You'll see a bunch of different adapters and have to figure out how to parse which one to use.

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I succesfully use this function on remote pc that download data from remote instrument.

In this location I have internet server that automatically change the ip address every time the connection is lost and good again.

They can not assign a fix ip address to the pc.

So I let DF read the temporany ip address and let send it to me by email.

In this way I am able to reach the pc over internet by DF and by other remote control software.

Many thanks!

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