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I am using logging to write an event history file (logfile) - I define a text input to a channel and log that channel (I was writing to the file directly, but now use logging instead). In the sequence, when I define the string that is to be used in the logfile I need to use inverted commas. Those inverted commas are subsequently written to the log file... Is there a way to avoid these inverted commas being written to the logfile so that I get just the string?

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By inverted commas, do you mean quotes? I.e. " " . The problem is that if you don't put quotes around strings, then commas inside the string can be confused for the delimiter. You can get around this by delimiting with TAB, but the logging set doesn't give you an option to exclude quotes. In order to do this you would have to use the File. functions to write the files yourself. Not particularly hard, but it does require a few lines of script. It will, however, give you total control over the output.

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