DAQRunntime licence and some other problems


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I have a small problem. Recently we updated a data aquisition system from DAQ+LabJack to DAQ+OPC server(connected to a PLC). We used the hardware key to change the settings in the channel list, not changing anything else.

DAQ runntime is running on a slower PC and the version is a bit older (5.40 or even older). So the problem is that while the variables are shown in DAQ, some graphs of these variables work and some don't.. If I check the history recordings all the data is there. If I click through the pages a bit, I might even manage to get the graphs working (that happened once). So what could be the problem?

If we install a newer version of DAQ on that PC could that fix the problem? How do we do that without losing the runntime licence? Should I install the new DAQfactory in the same folder as the old version or in a new one?

And another question. Why can't we transfer the runntime licence from that machine via the DAQ hardware key?

Thank you for your help and reply!

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I'm not sure what is happening and 5.40 is quite an old release of DAQFactory. I do recommend upgrading to the lastest. Just install it right over top of the existing installation. You will not lose your runtime. Do not install in a different folder. Make sure and test the document under the new release though as some things have changed that could cause old code not to work.

Yes you can put a runtime license on the hardware key, but you cannot put it on a hardware key that already has a license on it, as it will overwrite the other license. You also cannot remove it once it is on the key.

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  • 3 years later...

Well umm, My hardware silver key HAD, a developer liscence on it!! UNTILL Then tonight , I puchased a runtime to keep

on the same computer, that I have been using, and now my key has only a runtime licence, and I can't change it back!!

Now, my problem is I can't go to developer mode , because my hardware key, that WAS Liscencenced as PRO,

with all the bells and whistles is gone, and was replaced with a runtime liscence on my KEY!

I am rather upset about this, and want my licence back, preferably onto the silver key.

My document is developed to the point, that I am selling it, and I don't have the silver key working anymore!!


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By some miracle, I got my licence(i don't care how to spell right now), back on my key.

this is what I did,

1)system restore

2)start DF

3)when it said I had 10 days left(the reason I puchased the cursed runtime), I entered in my other unlock keys.

4) then, I transfered, my liscence back to my silver key.


Do I NEED, the runtime on my computer after my ten days are up?

If not, can I use the runtime on a customer computer?


How do I activate the RUNTIME version I puchased, without getting the useless runtime liscence

transfered to my silver key?


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Yes, this is why DAQFactory warns you when you transfer a license to a hardware key that it will overwrite the existing license. I'll check to make sure the same warning appears if you try and enter an unlock key when the hardware key is inserted. Usually this is only done when you want to upgrade the license on the hardware key, but a runtime license will overwrite a development license.

Your development license is on the hardware key. If you move the hardware key off the computer, DF will stop working after 10 days unless you license that computer for runtime. To do so, simply pull the hardware key, start DAQFactory and then license it WITHOUT the key plugged in.

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OK, we've added warnings for the license part as well, and made it so you flat out can't overwrite a Developer key (since there is no where to go). Other licenses on the hardware key will only allow upgrade keys to be entered while the hardware key is inserted. This will be in the next release, likely available in the next week. Thanks for pointing this out.

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