minimize of daq factory screen


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I do not know of any way to minimize DAQFactory through script, certainly not through any feature of DAQFactory. That said, there are two possibilities if I really wanted to be able to do it:

1) There might be a windows utility that can trigger the minimize / maximize of a window by name, similar to how OSKill.exe can terminate an application. If one existed you could use system.shellexecute() to call it from within DAQFactory

2) You could create your own utility to do the same, either making it an .exe file that you call with system.shellexecute(), or a DLL that you load into DF using extern(). The code in C might look something like this:

HWND hWnd = ::FindWindow(_T("Afx:400000:b:10017:6:200e01"),NULL);

if (hWnd)




I'm not sure if the first line will work. DAQFactory doesn't name its window's class, so it just gets numbered. I'm not sure if FindWindow() will work with that identifier, but its worth a try if you really need to minimize DF.

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