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I need tcp/ip modbus software for data logging into excel spreadsheets. can you help me?

device is a power meter with modbus capability using rs 485 over ethernet modual. device name is ACCUVIM II from

This device came with test software that only performs real time monitoring. My customer needs to log the power meters data and be able to review daily readings of the meter. The meter is connected to a factory's main electrical input panel ( aka switch gear) and has a rs485 ethernet modual connected to their network. The test software is web based and can query the power meter only in real time. This is unsatisfactory with my client who wishes to log the meters data at least once an hour for 24 hours/7 days a week. The customer wishes to have this data (automatically if possible) saved into excel spreadsheets.

If anyone can help me, please contact me by phone or reply in this forum or my email.

steve cain -owner

unlimited electric inc.

ben cameron - I.T. tech

unlimited electric


Steve Cain is not computer inclined

Ben Cameron "speaks geek"

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DAQFactory can easily do that. Even the Starter version. It comes with an application called QuickMod Pro that will allow you to easily acquire, log, and trend up to 16 values on Modbus. Logging is to a comma delimited CSV file which can be loaded into Excel. If you need more than 16 inputs, any of the other versions of DAQFactory will work (Starter is limited to 16). QuickMod Pro also includes a nice manual that shows, step by step, different ways you can expand the document, for example having it log to a different file every day.

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