Turn Channels off in code

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Is there any way to turn channels off in code.

My problem is that I have 6 tanks talking via a Modbus gateway. If any of the tanks are turned off Daqfactory gets erros because nothing responds so I thought about when the application starts I would put up a startup screen with radio buttons where the users chooses what tanks are on and when that is closed the non operative tank channels are switched off from the data acquisition.



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Well, you can do it by changing the channel timing to 0 then doing Channel.restart():

MyChannel.Timing = 0

MyOtherChannel.Timing = 0


but, you are probably better off doing the queries in a sequence and then stuffing the data into the channels using AddValue(). This is described a bit in the help under Modbus. This way you get total control over the queries and can do better handling than you could just using channel timing.

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