Display PDF files within DAQFactory

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My application runs on full screen mode on a touch screen panel, we don't want the user to go to Windows to play around so the only way they can go to Windows is by pluging in a keyboard or if they have a password that I put to close DAQFactory. However, we need to display some manuals in pdf format, the way I am doing that is with a button with this code:


However this opens the PDF reader on top of DAQFactory therefore exposing Windows to the user.

Is there a way to display PDF files inside a DAQFactory window? just like the help displays HTML.


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You could use system.helpwindow(). This displays a popup with a browser in it. The browser has no transport controls and gives you no access to anything else but what you specify. You can, instead of specifying and HTML file, specify a PDF and the browser will fire up Acrobat inside it and display the PDF.

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