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The other night I was watching a Discovery channel program called "How its Made" with my wife. She likes to see the cool machinery. I like it because she can understand a little better what I do (and I'll admit I like the cool machinery too). I'm also constantly on the lookout for computer screens showing SCADA software and maybe DAQFactory. Well, finally they showed a screen, but unfortunately I couldn't tell if it was DAQFactory for sure. It certainly had the DAQFactory graphics, but without the title bar, or maybe a graph, I could not confirm it. And although it would not surprise me if someone had used DAQFactory in an ice cream cone manufacturing plant, I do not know of it.

Which brings up a good point: despite the large number of DAQFactory customers, we know what only a small percentage are using DAQFactory for. We know that it is used in just about every industry, just based on the customers that purchase. Not knowing customer application details is largely a credit to DAQFactory's ease of use, as many customers purchase without ever needing support, and those that need support usually get up and running quickly before we get to ask them what application they are using DAQFactory for.

So, for anyone that is willing to share, we would love to hear from you about what you are using DAQFactory for. In fact, if you email us a few screenshots and photos and a few rough paragraphs (we'll clean it up) describing your application, we'll make a white paper out of it and show off your work to the world on our website. We'll even provide a link to your website. We don't care if its a big or small application, DAQFactory works just as well for both, so send them on.

Then, next time How its Made shows a screenshot, I can tell my wife, "Oh yeah, that probably is DAQFactory. We definitely have a few people using it for..."

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We are controlling our office space with DAQFactory, wireless thermostats, wireless sensors (temperature, relative humidity, pulse counters for electric meters) and wireless I/O modules.

DAQFactory communicates with the wireless mesh network through a Modbus/TCP gateway. It schedules thermostat temperatures (e.g. night, weekend and holiday setbacks) and adjusts the T-Stat set points based on season and humidity (people wear warmer closing during the winter months and temperature is experienced differently at different humidity levels). Occupied/unoccupied set points can be manually changed though DAQF.

DAQFactory also computes degree days. This is used to create normalized energy reports (outdoor temperature independent) for heating and cooling. Measuring your energy consumption is the first step of conserving energy. HVAC run time ratios are also computed (heating/cooling/off ratios).

Conference room lighting is controlled through a wireless occupancy sensor with a manual override through DAQFactory.

Data is logged to CSV files.

Email alerts notify me of any unusual condition.

DAQF can be securely accessed remotely over the Internet using a web browser through NTRConnect's free service to check on building conditions and make adjustments as required (e.g. turn the lights off or change temp set points).

The system has been running for several months without any issues. Energy consumption has been reduced by 18% compared to the previous year.

Thanks for a great product!


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Hi there,

We are using DAQFactory to monitor the vital signs of vintage radial aero engines running on a test rig. It is connected to read the 7 cylinder head temperatures, the oil pressure in two places with different running pressures, the temperature of the oil in the oil tank (dry sump system) boost pressure and fuel pressure as delivered to the fuel injection pump. I am a complete novice to data logging and a mechanical engineer with only the slightest knowledge of things electronic so I only understand a fraction of what is contained in the help literature. I have found posts and the blog on your website most useful. I am hoping to build my knowledge up and in the future maybe control the test as well as monitor and record data.

Keep up the good work!

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