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Hi All,

I am using MODBUS through a radio network to multiple slaves. I think we may be getting intermittent interference on the network from somewhere. I have been monitoring the com port that the MODBUS communicates over using DaqFactory and all the datagrams appear to be correct.

Will the comm monitor show all data in the comm port or only that which fits a MODBUS frame?


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It shows all data irrespective of what protocol you select. The data goes to the comm monitor before the protocol even gets its hands on it. So, any extra bytes you might see are definitely from the line.

The DAQFactory monitor is much more useful than hyperterminal and other serial software because it actually shows all data, and all non-printable control characters show up in \xxx notation. Most generic serial tools like hyperterminal try and actually print the control characters. The monitor also does not automatically put a CR/LF pair at the end of every line you type because often you do not want this.

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