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I know I make newbe question, but I can't find answer in documentation.

How to deploy program and license to user computer if I buy DaqFactory Pro version? I know user have to buy license, but how? And what about DaqFactory program?

So, basicaly my question is:

As developer I have DaqFactory Pro version. What my customer have to buy and install to run application I developed with my version?

Thank you!

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The user would typically buy a runtime license (or you'd buy it for them), though many times, customers want development versions as well so they can make tweaks. Its really up to you and them. Either way, you will install a trail of DAQFactory and license it using the 15 letter key received on purchase. You'd then create a shortcut to DAQFactory with the path to your .ctl document (which you would copy over as well) in the target. This is described in the help under Other Features - DAQFactory Runtime.

If you have DAQFactory-Developer, which allows royalty free runtimes, the user would not need to purchase a license, since the license is in the document. It is still licensed, you just don't have to pay for the runtime license. In this case, you still install the trial version and create the shortcut, but you don't have to unlock the trial. When the document loads, it will recognize that it is a licensed document and run without displaying the trial dialog.

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