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I downloaded and installed DAQFactory today. It work fine for a while, I created a project and tested communication with a trilogi plc. Then I closed DAQFactory, and since have not been able to get DAQFactory to run. Then application appears to start but then displays an Azeotech emblem and does not respond. I uninstalled/reinstalled, but no help.

Any thoughts?

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Well, that certainly is unusual. I haven't heard of that, except when users create a document with a startup infinite loop and then start DAQFactory loading the doc at the same time (using a shortcut), or they installed some other software that didn't follow the Windows rules for installation of system DLLs. Did it start doing this the first time you restarted, or were you able to start and stop it a few times and then it died? Did you install any other software between stopping and restarting?

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Well, its possible one of the install files got corrupted. Not everything is removed in uninstall, so try this:

1) run uninstall

2) go into explorer and flat out delete the DAQFactory directory.

3) go into your system32 directory and delete the following files (or if you want, move them into a Temp directory):









None of these are normal system files, and it is unlikely that you have any other software that uses them. There are a few other files that DF installs, but these are system files and so you should not delete them.

4) start up RegEdit. Find the DAQFactory registry entries under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software and delete them

4) Redownload the DF installer and run it.

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