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We acquire data with DQExpress (Vers. 5.79a) from the four differential channels 8, 9,10,11 from LabJack U12 with gain set to 7.

Scan resolution is set to 300 scans / second.

The signal is 20 Hz sinusoidal, floating.

- Only in the first channel we get a sinusoidal signal-shape in the Graph.

- In the other channels the signal looks as if the resolution were much less then the 300 scans /second

- If we try to read only three channels but with a higher resolution of 400 scans / seconds the

StartStream command dosn



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Actually, it looks to me like your other channels are not at the same gain as the first. You are seeing the normal step like behavior when your data is right around the size of the smallest value the current range can detect. The normal range settings in your 4 channels does not apply in stream. Instead you specify the gain in the start stream command itself. You are specifying 7, but that only applies to the first channel. You need to change that to 7,7,7,7 so it sets the gain for all 4 channels.

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