One Page to Display Multiple Units

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There are several ways of doing this. The easiest way is probably using evaluate():

1) create your channels for each unit, ending the channel name with the number of the unit. Something like this if you had two channels for each unit:






2) create a global variable called displayedunit and init it to 1

3) create your screen, but anywhere you would normally put mychannel1[0] replace with:

evaluate("mychannel" + doubletostr(displayedunit) + "[0]")

really, you are taking the entire expression and just substituting the global. Its even easier if you make displayedunit a string variable, say "1" or "2" instead of number, then its just:

evaluate("mychannel" + displayedunit + "[0]")

If you have something more complex, like math, do:

evaluate("mychannel" + displayedunit + "[0] * pi() / 180")

4) finally, just change displayedunit to change which unit is displayed.

Note that this only works for display. If you have output channels you need to use the Quick Sequence action and execute() instead of evaluate().

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