Starting DAQFactory with Windows


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I wanted to have DAQFactory start with windows, using the shortcut to load my project automaticaly. So far I have tried editing win.ini file and it didnt work as intended.

I have read about adding a entry into the registry for this, but I must know what is the syntax for acessing the shortcut so it loads the way I want. Thanks in advance!

This is to be done in Windows Professional.

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I used a registry key under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

Create a new string value, modify it, and insert the location of the .ctl file.

It should now show up in msconfig under the startup tab, you can check/uncheck it.

This just automatically opens the .ctl file when you login to Windows.


Hope this helps.

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That will work too, but is slightly more complicated. Note that its better to create a shortcut to DAQFactory, specify the .ctl doc in the shortcut's target after the path to the DAQFactory executable. Clicking on a .ctl doc, or otherwise starting DAQFactory by referencing a document like this is somewhat unreliable. The user manual, under Other Features-> DAQFactory Runtime, show how to create this shortcut.

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