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My compliments on providing such a great program with the purchase of a LabJack. I can't believe how fast I was able to get things up and running. I wish I could afford the full version but unfortunately not now. I read earlier posts that said DAQFactory Express has a limit of 10 lines per sequence, is that true? I have a sequence running with 20 lines right now so the line limit must have been increased. What is the limit, if any?


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There is no longer a limit on sequence length in DAQFactory Express. The big limitations of Express are:

1) only works with LabJack products

2) only allows 2 pages

3) only allows 16 channels

4) only gives you access to a subset of the 40 some screen components in the paid versions

That all said, you might consider upgrading just to DAQFactory-Starter. It is designed and priced to give Express users a little more power without having to spend much money. It costs $45 and gives you:

1) access to all our drivers including serial devices

2) allows 3 pages

3) still only allows 16 channels

4) gives access to all the screen components including gauges, knobs, etc.

You can see a comparison of all the DAQFactory versions by going to This is also a good site to check in on for updates.

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  • 8 months later...

DFexp 5.83a

Just added my 16th channel

When I did a chan16.addvalue

Got ff error

09/23/09 12:26:21.457

AddValue() in variables not supported in this version of DAQFactory: Line 1: check_time_lapse Line 217: LJ_Raw_io Line 100 - Uncaught error in sequence LJ_Raw_io

Are you short by 1???????


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Is chan16 a channel or a variable? Are you sure you don't have a global (or private) variable also named "chan16". AddValue() with variables isn't supported in Express.

You wouldn't get an error message on the 16 channel limit except when you tried to add the channel. The fact that your channel exists, but you can't use addvalue() indicates something else, most likely what I just described (variable of same name).

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