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Hi, Can you please handle a demo to create an array of the last alarms, sorted by time and /or priority.

Unacknowledged alarms on top of the list.

It is common in HMI's and my customer want to have such a document added to my project.

It should be able to acknowledge alarms by click on the appropriate line in the array,

and such acknowledged alarm will go down to list to be placed according to its sorted location.

So, there are two sorts: On top of the list the UNACK alarms, sorted bt time/priority,

and then ACKNOWLEDGED alarms sorted by time/priority,

Further down the list UNACKNOWLEDGED alarms that had expired.

No expired alarm should show up in that list.


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Actually there is a component action that will display the alarm table even in runtime. The table doesn't allow you to add, but you can sort and ack alarms. Just create a button (or other component with an action), and select the Display Alarms action and the Local connection.

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