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I have a page with a DateTime component set to display date only. By default the value is loaded from SysTime so shows the current day.

When the Date is edited (Thus setting ShiftTimeSeek) and a button labeled "Seek" is pressed then a sequence such as:

While(ShiftMassFinal.Time[index] > ShiftTimeSeek)

Index = Index + 1


Finds the data for that day and will display it using a number of VariableValue components that are loaded with for example ShiftMassFinal[index].

There are also two buttons on the page that increment or decrement the index to the data directly but these will only scroll through the data one element at a time, so it is to be preferred to edit the DateTime component to close in on the shift (up to 3 shifts per day) required.

This works well!

If the page is displayed as PopUpModeless (so that the main page remains available on screen and this page pops up) the DateTime component will not edit although the buttons scroll through the data. If the page is displayed as PopUpModal then the page displays for a fraction of a second only.

How can I pop up the page but still have editing capability for the date of the shift?



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Ok, I'll have to wait for V6, some time in the summer of this year I think?

In the mean time, Is there a simple way I could place or activate the DateTime component, six buttons, and twelve variable value components onto the area of the main page that the popup was going to overlay? There are potentially half a dozen similar sized groups of components that are currently on their own pages (ready to popup). If I put them all on the main page but set visible to zero for each its a wedge of code to make each member of the group visible and a bit of a nightmare editing the layout of the area with many invisible components lurking in the area. Is there a sort of block copy or move so I could bring in the whole set all at once?


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Well, you could put them all in a group, then name the group. Then if you moved the group, all the components inside would move as well. I would actually move the group instead of just making it invisible, that way they wouldn't be "lurking", but instead would be off the screen. Just move them to some big negative X coordinate.

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