Time Problem in Excel using Export Function


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Currently, I'm trying to save several data in excel doc (.csv). What I'm trying to do is to log the data in excel for an hour example with specific interval between two data is 10 secs.But what had happened was the time in excel table seemed decreasing starting the time I log until the process stopped..For example if the data1 is logged at 8.41 AM and the data2 should be logged at 8.42 AM but in excel, the time value was wrote at 8.40 AM.Below is the coding that I used to log the data:

if (component.hourCom.strContents == "1 Hour")  
	  Export.Int10s1.strFileName = 
	  component.dir.strExpression = "Export.Int10s1.strFileName"
	  delay (3600)
	  butLog = 0
	  staLog = 0
	  starLog = 0

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I have included the attachment with this post. It is not the original that I am working on at this moment but the idea is the same. The idea is I want to log the data from the selected channels. So as we knew, some readings that we got need to be converted or calculated first before we can log it into desired file format. Before this, I tried to use logging method to log and it seemed working fine. But the problem when use logging method is it cannot log calculated data (what I seen). So, I tried to use export method because it has a function that allow us to log calculated data. Maybe because I


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