C1000 error


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This script

global double Hour

global double Minute

global double This







Produces an error

C1000 Channel or function not found etc.

on line 11 i.e. ?This, if I move that line up a couple the error stays with this line so appears at line 9. I cannot see the difference between the declaration lines, the setting of the value and the output.

Any ideas, or I am just being slow this morning.


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"This" is a keyword and can't be used as a variable. Its used in the OOP part of DAQFactory and since you aren't in an object, it doesn't mean anything so gives an error. DAQFactory can sometimes be late about generating errors. It doesn't recognize the reserved word at declaration, and doesn't generate errors for assignment unless the error is on the right side of the =. It wasn't until you actually tried to use "This" that it generated the error.

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