Upgrade Base to Pro and use of Runtime licenses


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I have just upgraded from Base to Pro as well as buying several runtime licenses.

The present base version is running on a PC that I want to have a runtime license on.

I want to take the license from the system above and put it on my desktop PC (obviously upgraded to use the Pro license).

What is the best way to approach this? Change the DaqFactory Base on the present system to a runtime license, then install DaqFactory on my desktop (Base I presume) and then upgrade to Pro?


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That is almost right:

1) go to the base installation and go Tools - Remove Development license from within DAQFactory to remove the base license

2) license that computer with a runtime (tools - enter unlock key, or just restart and it will show as a trial)

3) go to the computer you want Pro on and license it with your original Base key

4) upgrade that computer from base to pro by starting DF in base, then going Tools - Enter unlock key and use your upgrade key.

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