Measuring Voltages

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This is my very first time using LabJack Ue9 and DAQFactory. All I would like to do is measure the analog voltage from my analog inputs.

I have gone through the LabJack Application Guide. I currently have a channel i named "voltage_0" with device number "1" as set in LJcontrolPanel. What should the I/O be, should it be A to D? I have currently attached a power source into AIN0 so my channel # is 0.

Do I make the I/O A to D. If so than my answer would be in bits so how would I convert it back into voltage? Also, due to the high impedance input buffer how do I get the calibrated voltage? Lastly, I am using a UE9 Pro and would like the get full resolution, I believe it is 24 bit instead of 16. Thank you in advance.

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Yes I/O type should be A to D. Please see section 3.1 of the DAQFactory LabJack Application Guide and referenced sample.

The reading will already be in voltage.

You will have to ask how to calibrate their devices.

Please see section 9.1.2 to see an example of how to change the gain. You will likely mark your sequence auto-start.

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