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I've tried to install daqfactoryexpress from the labjack cd that was delivered with a labjack u3-hv. At the beginning of the installation I've selected to install daqfactory express in the c:/programfiles.labjack folder.

But when the installation was finished only the labjack files where installed but the daq factory program wasn't. This was on a laptop computer that runs on Vista. When I'tried to install it on a XP computer both programs where installed normaly. So what do I have to do to install the daq factary express on my Vista computer?

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Well, my first recommendation is to let it install where it wants to: c:\DAQFactory

I've not heard any other reports of problems installing on vista, so I would presume that was the issue, unless you are trying to install off of an old CD (say 6 months old or more)

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