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Hi All

I am a beginner so my questions will be trivial.

I would like to monitor the RPM of shaft.

I have connected my Hall sensor to LabJack U3 with DatFactory Express.

I can plot and read the voltage change on graph depending on the position of sensor.

In LabJack control panel I have enabled the timers and counters.

In DaqFactory Express I have set the Channel 0 for (I/O Type) counter without any conversion.

In graph representing my RPM channel I can not see any data acquired by the sensor. (When I will change the setting of channel to monitor the voltage I can see the changes of signal)

What I have to change in setup of my system or how should I set it up to monitor the signal from hall sensor using the counter?

Thanks in advance for help.

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You cannot reliable configure your U3 from the LJ Control Panel and expect data to appear in DAQFactory. You must do all your configuration from within DAQFactory. How to configure timers and counters is explained in detail, with examples in the DAQFactory LabJack Application guide.

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