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I am wondering if you can create a component or a sort of edit box to change parameters in a sequence.

For example, in my control sequence if I want to record after temperature goes above 100, and then later would like to change the parameter on the main screen.

If my sequence is


while (systime() < starttime + 86400)

if (temp[0] > 100)

beginlog.mylog ( I know this line is wrong, I am a beginner)



Is there a link I can put to the line that specifies 100, so that when I change the number on a button on the main page it will change it in the sequence?

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Yes, just create a global variable:

global setpoint = 100
output = 1
while (...)
   if (temp[0] &gt; setpoint)

Then change the setpoint from a component action. Don't use an edit box unless you read the blog entry on why you shouldn't use edit boxes except in popups.

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I know it may be bad to use an edit box, but I just want to try it. How do I configure the edit box?

I have global setpoint

What do I put in the Set Channel box, if anything. I am a little confused with the properties box.

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