How to get real value??

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I'm trying to get the real value of a soft starter. I have 128 parameters and I need to read all of them and put them in an csv file. That is Ok I click on a button and I create a file with the name I want and the value of that channel but that value is not the one I want. For example one of my parameters is country and I get the number 11331 so if I go to excel and I convert it to hex I get 2C43. so 2C in dec is 44 (this is the number I want to read) and 43 is 67. sometimes trying different things I found the way that appears on my csv file the 67 but how can I do to get the number 44??

Thanks in advance

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This is just bitwise math. You can leave it in decimal. Apply this conversion to the channel:

value >> 8

This will right shift the value by 8 (1 byte) leaving you with the high order byte. You could also do:

floor(value / 256)

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