User Device not .dds anymore?


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Today I attempted to make a few new I/O types on my

user defined device, and was unsuccessful in saving

all my new changes.

Also, before, my "" was the proper file

extension for my defined data, but now DF says

the file needs to end in .ddp...?

Is this new to DF 5.8?

I tried changing the name to .ddp, but the new changes

were not saved.

What am I doing wrong?


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That sounds like a bug. I know we changed it so that you would get prompted if you didn't specify .ddp for user protocols because so many people were forgetting, however, it appears the programmers forgot that the user device window is the same window and requires .ddp. We'll get that fixed right away for 5.82. For now, just save it as .ddp, then rename it to .dds before restarting DAQFactory.

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