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To be clear, you actually want to be able to use a single document for both a remote and local copy of DAQFactory where the remote copy is connecting to the local copy which is the one doing the data collection. This is being done with Connections, where the remote copy has a Connection to the local copy. You want both systems to have the same screens, showing the same live data, but don't want to have to maintain two documents.

You can do this using command line flags. The command: system.getflags() will return a list of strings with any flags you used to start DAQFactory. -f and -r are taken, but you can otherwise create your own. So, you could use -remote to specify the remote system. Just use search() to look through the list of strings. If the string exists, use channel.clearall() to delete all the channels in the Local connection, use system.connection.add() to add the remote connection, and system.connection.default() to set the new connection as the default connection so all the pages draw correctly. If "remote" doesn't exist, you should start up any other sequences, logging sets, etc you need.

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