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I have data in a SQL database with the following format:

x, y, elevation

I would like to create a contour map of the data. Is this possible? If so, can you provide some direction on how to get started?



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Yes you can, but the X and Y values have to be evenly spaced. If not, I suppose you could write a simple interpolation routine to get a nice grid. Anyhow, your data then needs to be in an 2 dimensional array, with both rows and columns, where your elevation is the data in each point. Then you can use either the 3D graph component or the image component (for a color map).

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Here is an sample of my code. I use this to build color map (3D Graph & Image)with a array channel.


Private.Spacing = (Var.MOIImagespan - Var.MOIImageCenterSpan) / 3 // 3 is for 3 colors on each side

// now, starting at the bottom, add the desired colors. You may want nicer ones:

Component.MOIImage.AddColor(RGB(0,0,155),MOISP[0] - Var.MOIImagespan)

Component.MOIImage.AddColor(RGB(0,0,255),MOISP[0] - Var.MOIImagespan + Private.Spacing)

Component.MOIImage.AddColor(RGB(0,155,255),MOISP[0] - Var.MOIImagespan + 2 * Private.Spacing)

// add center area, requires 2 of same color to avoid shading:

Component.MOIImage.AddColor(RGB(0,255,0),MOISP[0] - Var.MOIImageCenterSpan)

Component.MOIImage.AddColor(RGB(0,255,0),MOISP[0] + Var.MOIImageCenterSpan)

// and the top area

Component.MOIImage.AddColor(RGB(255,255,0),MOISP[0] + Var.MOIImagespan - 2 * Private.Spacing)

Component.MOIImage.AddColor(RGB(255,145,0),MOISP[0] + Var.MOIImagespan - Private.Spacing)

Component.MOIImage.AddColor(RGB(255,0,0),MOISP[0] + Var.MOIImagespan)


Component.MOIGraph.AddColor(RGB(0,0,155),MOISP[0] - Var.MOIImagespan)

Component.MOIGraph.AddColor(RGB(0,0,255),MOISP[0] - Var.MOIImagespan + Private.Spacing)

Component.MOIGraph.AddColor(RGB(0,155,255),MOISP[0] - Var.MOIImagespan + 2 * Private.Spacing)

// add center area, requires 2 of same color to avoid shading:

Component.MOIGraph.AddColor(RGB(0,255,0),MOISP[0] - Var.MOIImageCenterSpan)

Component.MOIGraph.AddColor(RGB(0,255,0),MOISP[0] + Var.MOIImageCenterSpan)

// and the top area

Component.MOIGraph.AddColor(RGB(255,255,0),MOISP[0] + Var.MOIImagespan - 2 * Private.Spacing)

Component.MOIGraph.AddColor(RGB(255,145,0),MOISP[0] + Var.MOIImagespan - Private.Spacing)

Component.MOIGraph.AddColor(RGB(255,0,0),MOISP[0] + Var.MOIImagespan)

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