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Hello Guru,

Several months ago, we bought a second DF license, (runtime this time). We have noticed that Markers don't work quite the same under the runtime as they do under the Development license (Using the runtime, a marker can be placed normally, but cannot be moved with the arrow keys). Also, the runtime license allows no access to graph properties, correct? We have wished for a more 'click and drag' approach to checking a channel's value along a trace anyway, so now seems to be a good time to explore a change.

Attached is an example of what I have experimented with to allow a runtime user some more flexibility. Note the *clickable* legend buttons which select the data channel to which the 'marker' channel is assigned, and the scrollbar to move the 'marker' along the plot. It actually looks reasonable with longer-cycle, slower-changing real data, but I'd like something better. Specifically, I'd like programmatic access to line annotations in order to place and move one like I have done with the 'marker' trace in this example. Preferably I'd also be able to click and drag the line annotation, but I could live with (if I must :rolleyes:) using a scrollbar as I've done here. Of course, I'd also like to see the built-in legend be clickable to set a graph property to the strYExpression of the clicked legend trace.

I do like very much the detailed examination of data that is available with markers A and B, and that DF allows clicking near a trace to place the built-in markers. And if they were 'click-and-draggable' by a *runtime* user, I'd probably not be looking to do anything different.

You helped me work out the timebase controls that I've used in this example some months ago. The date time component no longer works to set the plot end time. I'm not sure how I screwed that up, but I haven't investigated that enough yet. Also, I've not looked at how to make my 'marker' work correctly with historical data. If I 'scroll back' using the buttons, my marker shows up 'off-graph' to the right.

Best regards,



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