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Ok here goes:

1) scroll bars in the page window so when developing an application designed for full screen operation you can see all components on the page as well as the watch window, alert window, etc.

2) tabbing to allow selection of edit boxes (and other components)

3) some way of making user constants retained automatically so that they remember their last value. This could be setup in the declaration, i.e., global retain myconstant. Using v channels and writing to files work but is not that intuitive for amateurs like me.

4) option of using windows or DF time

I'll add to this as things come up.

Keep up the good work, DF is certainly great value for money!


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Here are a couple more:

5) Global Find and Find and Replace. Quite frequently I want to find out where I have used certain variables and a search function that looks through all sequences (and ideally scripts in controls too) would be great. I've used programing editors before which return results in a list allowing you to easily identify the locations.

6) When using runtime that Alerts are still logged (perhaps last 100) so when switching back to development the previous alerts are available.

7) I often have issues with copy and paste using the Ctl-C and Ctl-V where the item being copied will showup in unexpected places.

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6) you actually can get access to alerts from runtime. There is a global variable named Alert that can be indexed back 100 to give you access to the last 100 alerts. For example:

? alert[0]

prints the most recent alert in the command/alert window. You can therefore put "alert" in a table to see a nice list of alerts in runtime.

7) which components?

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6) Great I will be sure to use this.

7) I was referring to text in sequences. Perhaps I was misleading and after some testing have found what is more a "glitch" than a new feauture. If you copy a variable name and then paste in the watch window with CTRL-V it will replicate in the watch and sequence window.

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and some more, mainly graphical:

- some way of aligning to page. I realise there are no fixed page dimensions but perhaps these could be entered as an optional setting.

- run DF over 2 monitors. Particulary in development mode where it would be good to have the page being developed on one screen and the normal DF development window on the other. I'm sure there would also be interest in dual screen for runtime too.

- better autosizing of custom pop-up windows

- when pop-ups open there is often a delay between showing components and background colour or panels

Forum request, if possible can you take the dialogue betwen ekanderson and support out of this thread and put it into its own?

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