Digital Out Labjack U12 Problem


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I have strange problem with my very simple sequence is contain only

while (1)

ch1 = 1


ch1 = 0



ch1 - digital Out on labjack U12 timing 1s

what I need - stay 5s on and then stay 5s off. Is all very simple, but when I start this sequence ch1 set to on and immediately turn off, stay off for 10s and repeat.

It's look like when program leave line "ch1 = 1" they set ch1 to 0, but why? :(

I have Daqfactory starter

thanks for any ideas

and sorry for my english :)

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It is because you have a Timing of 1 for your digital output. All output channels should have a Timing of 0. In fact, DF usually doesn't let you set the Timing to anything other than 0 for outputs, but occasionally people have found ways around this inadvertantly, as you have. Just set the Timing to 0 and you will be good. If you can't change the Timing, delete the channel and recreate it.

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