Setting Values in Remote DAQFactory

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I am trying to set values into channels in a remote DAQ factory connection.

I have two PCs, each running a DAQ factory SCADA connected over LAN.

In one DAQ I created a new connection -let's call it "Remote".

Within this connection I get all the channels as expected and can read their values.

If I now set a value of a Test-device channel "D to A" or string with Remote.ChannelName.AddValue(XXX) it only updates that channel on the local PC's Remote connection but not the channel on the Remote PC.

I was expecting that I would actually update the channel value on the remote PCs app as well as on the initiating local app. Is there a way to do that? My issue is that only one of the two PCs DAQs know with which remote it needs to connect with.

I tried different devices, input and output types, Full and slim stream - am I missing something?

Thank You

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When setting outputs you always want to use:

ChannelName = xxx

not addvalue(). AddValue() sticks a value into a channel without calling the device's driver and without going over the net (because the net is part of the device driver data path). When I say device driver, I mean the part of DAQFactory that is selected from the Device column of the channel table.

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