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Hi Guru,

I have been plotting 2 temperatures channels, one higher than the other, on a graph using the BoxcarMin on the lower temperature for the FROM scaling & boxcarMax functions of the higher temperature for the TO scale. This has given me a nice looking auto scaling graph.

Now I want to add a third temperature. Can you suggest a way at looking at the min and max of any of the 3 channels and setting the scaling to whatever is the highest or lowest at any time to keep the graph correctly scaled.


Is there a way of producing bar graphs, I would like to plot cumulative hourly totals?



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First, you don't want boxcarmin/max because that returns an array. You just want min() and max(). Next, what you want to do is concat the three channels, then take the min or max:


concat is limited to 20 values at a time, but you can always concat the result of two concats.

Yes, you can do bar graphs, just select that type from axes tab. For cumulative totals, you might look at pushing your data to DAQConnect ( as it has a pivot() function that does bar graphs of cumulative totals (or averages, mins or maxes) in a single funciton. DF doesn't have this function so you have to work it out yourself.

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