DAQFactory with LabjackU3-HV and LabjackU12

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Dear All,

I have used LabjackU12 with Dev-C++ before. But now I want to use LabjackU3 along with LabjackU12. So I think instead of using C++, it is better to use DAQFactory. So please clear my doubts.

1. Can I use both Labjack U12 &U3 in DAQFactory?.

2. If yes, how to use? Is there is any procedures to follow?.

Please anyone guide me in finding the solution.

Thanks in advance.


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Yes you can. However, they use completely different drivers. The U12 uses the LabJack_U12 driver, while the U3/U6/UE9 use the LabJack driver. This is because the drivers from LabJack are actually different. This means you have to have their UD as well as their U12 drivers installed.

Other than that there are no special procedures. They are considered separate devices in DAQFactory so it doesn't even know that they are made by the same company.

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