LJTDAC + LJ U3-HV question

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Im kind of new to DACFactory and the Labjack so please bare with me.

Im trying add 2 Analog Outputs using a LJTDAC on flex pins FIO4 and FIO5 on my U3-HV. Every time I set DAC outputs on those two channels I get DACFactory errors stating:

"D0050:00:0002 LabJack Device #0 error: Invalid channel number"

The settings im using in the Channel Table view is:

Channel Name: DAC2, DAC3

Device Type: LabJack

D#: 0

I/O Type: D to A

Chn #: 4, 5

I was looking around in the control panel for some possible setting changes, but I didn't see anything that looked like it would help. Ive also browsed for some forum help and have been unsuccessful. Any advice on how to configure the LJTDAC to work on the LJ U3-HV would be much appreciated.

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LJTicDAC and any of the other accessories for the LabJacks aren't handled automatically by DAQFactory. We can't tell where you have the LJTicDAC plugged in. Using these devices requires a minimum of scripting, and this should be covered in the documentation provided by LabJack. LabJack is always coming out with cool new accessories, so we simply wrapped their UD driver and made it work like the sample code they provide in their help files, so with any new accessory, you should be able to follow the docs with script in DAQFactory. You just have to make sure and use the using() and include() commands as described in the beginning of the DAQFactory-LabJack application guide.

I recommend you post to the LabJack forum for the exact commands required to communicate with a ticDAC.

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