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here is my Set-Up:

- UE9 Pro with Daqfactory Standard edition

- CB37 Terminal Board that is outfitted with LJTickInAmp to measure up to 10 t-type thermocouples

and 2 pressure sensors, as well as one level sensor

- RB12 Relay Board outfitted with 11 Grayhill AC Output relays to drive 120Vac loads

(like solenoid valves, heaters, vacuum pump, and a fan).

The hardware is hardwired into a console, so I can't take it with me when I want to work on my GUI at home.

Is there a way I could simulate my hardware and then test the functionality of my GUI prior to going live?

Thanks for the help.


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Not easily. That is a feature we'd like to add at some point, but is more complex than you would think. You technically could write a script which stops all the channel timings, then runs a loop that populates the channels with simulated data. You'd have to make your output channels into Test channels. The problem is that you might accidentally save your doc with all these changes in place.

My personal recommendation is to simply buy another UE9 to carry around with you. You don't need the terminal/relay boards.

Note that you can, of course, open your document in Safe mode without hardware and the alerts won't appear about the hardware not being there, but you won't get any values to populate your UI. This may or may not be a problem depending on the complexity of your UI.

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thank you for your input. I will give it a thought about buying another UE9.

Might be something I can suggest to my boss since we should have a spare at hand just incase the hardwired unit gets fried. ;)


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