Programmatic Wakeup from Screen Saver


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My client only wants to see the DF page when data is being collected. At all other times, he wants the blank screen saver to "hide" the page. (Data is collected at random intervals for about 20 minutes.)

Is there a programmatic way to wakeup the screen saver when data collection starts?


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The windows screen saver? Not that I know of, but you'd have to do a web search. There might be a command line tool that wakes it up and then you could use system.shellexecute() to trigger that command line tool. It might even be part of Windows. There are a lot of things you can do using rundll32. See this site:

Alternately, you could just display a blank DF page, and then you can easily programatically change to another page based on a trigger. You can even make your blank page have some basic animation so its like a screen saver. Just look at the processdiagram.ctl sample file and its intro page.

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