Prevent Accidental Shutdown


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Only by running in Full screen mode. You can force DF into full screen mode at startup by adding a -f to the shortcut, but then you won't be able to get out of full screen mode.

BTW: you can also create a button on your page that quits DAQFactory. Just give it a quick sequence action with this line:


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Maybe something to include in the next release. Potentially a lot of data could be lost with one accidental click.


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That's what I need, OnQuit.

I have a sequence that polls a serial device over USB with a serial/USB driver. I know, I know it's not the right way to do it but its all I got right now until I get my SeaLevel unit up and running.

If I don't stop that sequence before quiting DaqFactory things go awol, DaqFactory still stays running and I can't stop it in Task Manager. Trying to restart DF says it is already running and not meant to run two of them. If I proceed I can't get my sequences to start, errors start flying, the USB/serial driver goes crazy and things all come down in a flaming mass of molten metal and charred circuitry. Well not that bad!

For home use I'm not writing bullet proof code and I'm still fairly green with DaqFactory but will try the OnQuit to see if it helps.

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