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Use the event of the desired alarm channel. Lets say the channel is just called "input" and the threshold is 5:

if (input[0] > 5)

... play sound


To play a sound, use the system.sound() function (which takes a path to a .wav file)

To flash the screen, use the symbol control with a background color of red or something, stretch it to the entire size of the page, then for Visibility, put "input[0] > 5" and for blink put "input[0] > 5". This is just one of many ways to do this.

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How to take the user input from key board for lower and upper limits of a channel? These limits will vary time to time. User needs to enter the limits whenever required.

When the user enters the values, is it possible to draw lines on the channel graph with LL & UL values?

Thank you.

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Create global variables for the upper and lower limits:

global ll = -5

global ul = 5

then use those variables in the comparison expression in place of the number. To edit these, use a variable value component with the Set To action on these variables.

To draw a line at these values on a graph, create two line annotations with the variable names as the expression.

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