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I am using DF on a local machine that is connected (via full stream connection) to copy of DF on a remote machine. The Remote Connection is set as the default.

I would like to log this data, BUT...

- The logging feature on the Local Connection Tree does not log anything.

- The logging feature on the Remote Connection Tree has the Add button greyed out.

Is there a workaround so I can log this data on my local machine?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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Yes, don't use a logging set. You have two options:

1) use an export set in the local connection but have it reference the remote connection's channels (with [0]) by using remote.channelname notation, then trigger the export set from a sequence at whatever interval you want to log.

2) just do your logging from script using the file. functions, then you can do whatever you want. If you do a lot of DAQFactory applications I recommend taking the time to learn this method as it will give you the ultimate in flexibility and probably be useful in future apps. If this is a one-time app, then the export set is a little easier, but a little less flexible.

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