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Im quite new to this and would need some help with some code..

Im setting up a mini engine dyno and will be using U3 to manage it.

My inputs are

Rpm- square wave 2 pulses/rev. thinking aboute using timer for rpm calculation.(I have that working)

Torque signal - as a analog voltage.

and some analog temperature inputs also


2 PWM timers for trottle controll(rc-car servo) and dyno brake controll(using a car alternator). Both at about 50hz.

To begin with i need a program that starts with a given brake and throttle PWM. The throttle should be a function of rpm. It should rise from the start pwm to 100% on a given rpm and keep 100% to the end.

Brake pwm should be regulated(PID?) to keep a certain rpm increase.

Later on i also want it to give graphs on Power and torque...

Power is calculated from torque and rpm + some losses.

I am having some problems getting a good signal for the torque. but it will be a linear analog signal..

Hope someone have some suggestions for me as im not that in to this DAQFactory express and all this programming..

just ask if i forgot some information...

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