Change modbus slave adres in channel list


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I am doing a modbus test program for twido CPU and IO moduls. I add digital and analog inputs channels device type "test", IO type "D to A". but digital and analog outputs I do with make modbus slave protokol and IOtype forcecoil and setregisterS16.

everything is OK. but I write slave adres 1. but I want to change by a button or wtih edit box. all adress in channel list. is there any command or function for change modbus adres.

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Yes, you can do:

mychannel.deviceNumber = newvalue

and just repeat for each channel. If ALL channels need to be changed, you can use channel.listall() to get a list of all the channels, then loop through it, using the execute() statement to change each one:

private string list = channel.listall()
for (private i = 0, i < list.numrows(), i++)
   execute(list[i] + ".deviceNumber = newvalue")

You have to do channel.restart() after any changes to restart the timing loops, but do it after ALL the changes, not each one.

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