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Maybe we are running different versions of DAQFactory, I still cant get it to work. I have 5.84 Build 1636

Here's what happens when I try the same thing....

global y = {"a", "b", "c"}


{NaN, NaN, NaN}

? search(y == "b")

C1097 String operator found when number expected.

If I declare the global as a string array (which is what I'm trying to search) such as.....

global string df

df[0] = 'DAQFactory"

df[1] = 'is"

df[2] = 'very"

df[3] = 'good"


{"DAQFactory"", "is"", "very"", "good""}



Any ideas?


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Sorry, typo on my part. I entered global string x = ..., not global x. Global x would create an array of numbers.

You also have a typo, which is why it isn't working. When you are defining the various array elements, you open your string with a single quote and then close it with a double quote. The reason DF supports both single and double quotes is to allow you to put one type in a string without escaping: 'he said: "hi"'. DF isn't checking for the closing ' and assumes the end of the line is the close, so, as you can see when you do ? df, there is a " in your string. So, search(df=="is") returns -1, because there is no "is" in the array, but there is "is"" (three characters, the last being ")

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