Bug in your new Protocol Configuration


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I just found a bug when I tried to create new protocol configs, and I thought I let you know:

The "On Send" event/page which exists on Protocol Configuration (a white page), doesn't update as we click on it, and it shows the code from any previous screen like "Poll" or On Recieve" etc. Even when we add some code and Ok it, and then come back to it, the "On Send" doesn't show the code we wrote, depending on what event/page we have clicked on, it shows that code in there....

Any fix for it yet??


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  • 8 months later...

I noticed this quirk a while ago - it appears to fail to refresh after switching to 'OnSend' while editing protocols. While the OnSend function isn't used by me (I just leave it blank) there has been several occasions where the code from OnReceive gets copied into the OnSend function. I don't know how often this actually happens as I only realize it after editing those protocol files with a raw text editor.

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