Diference betwean PRO and Develop


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I'm considering to buy DAQFactory (PRO?), but your license policy confuse me... sorry.

Can I buy:

For ME: DAQ Factory PRO + one runtime,(+ hardware key to move it on my laptop), to develop and test application on my computer

For Customer: ONE runtime license to run application what I developed above? What should I install on customer PC?

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That is about right, but you can actually use Pro as a runtime for testing if you want. You just go File - Switch to Runtime in Pro. You can switch back of course. So you'd probably only need Pro and 1 runtime. You would install a trial of DF on your customer PC and license it with a 15 letter runtime key you get when you purchase the license. The development and runtime versions of DAQFactory are actually the same program. Which version displays is based on how you license it. This is why you can go to a runtime installation with a hardware key (with Pro on it) and switch to Pro.

When you have more customers, you would only need to buy more runtime licenses. If you think that you will generate a lot of runtimes (> 16), then it becomes worth it to buy DAQFactory Developer because then you don't have to pay for the runtime licenses. Note that although you can upgrade from Pro to Developer at any time, you will not receive credit for any runtime licenses already purchased.

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