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I've taken the plunge and gone for the Pro version after developing an app with Express last year. The deciding factor was the excellent support and before buying I was able to pick up the phone and talk to someone about how the licencing etc worked - thanks for all the info.

Anyway on to my question:-

I've developed an Application that starts in Full screen from a shortcut (Don't want the users messing with other stuff on the PC) I also have a hidden panel that executes system.showSystemMenu() so I can switch to development mode, but in full screen mode this doesn't work.

I don't seem to see a system function that can return from full screen mode inside a sequence so that this can work? Any ideas?

Another problem I've found is that if I use registry variables then the app has to be run with Administrator privalages as of course it's writing to the registry - is there any way round this? I'm guessing I would need to write my variables to a file so they persist that way.

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I don't think there is a way to get out of full screen from script. You can hit F4, though I think even that is locked out when you use the -f flag. Note that full screen mode still has the menu, its just hidden off the top of the screen. You might try hitting Alt-Space, which is the standard windows shortcut to access the system menu, once you've done system.showsystemmenu()

As for registry variables, yeah, windows has been slowly clamping down on registry access. You'll need to log your settings to a local file. Use the file. functions, especially file.readdelim() and file.writedelim(). We'll probably add something to help with this shortly.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Alt-Space does just what I need to get the menus back so I can switch to Development.

I'll probably re-write to use a file for the calibrations etc. but in the meantime I've found a handy utility that lets it run as an administrater although still logged in as an ordinary user. It's called runasspc and encripts the admin password etc. You can find it at

Thanks again for your help.

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