Newbie Question: Can I show an overlaid pfd bitmap?

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Hi, new here but could I draw a simple pfd in say PaintShopPro and then have this in the background of a screen and then use the DAQfactory objects to provide values like flow rate, temperature, pressure in boxes at the relevant points?

How about showing the status of a valve - open / shut

Only planning a small project for DAQfactory for our university process teaching rig that only has one reactor, a stirrer, two filters, screw feeder, couple of pumps etc but really but would like to have the background graphic so it looks like a mimic diagram.

Hope I have explained myself clearly enough. Seems DAQfactory is way above our needs but you do seem to offer sensible prices on the smaller versions for just such needs as ours.


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You can't take a PDF directly into DAQFactory. However, you could just take a screen shot of the PDF open in acrobat, and then paste the screenshot into DAQFactory after clipping it in Microsoft Paint. If I remember correctly, Ctrl-Prt Scr will take a screen shot of the entire desktop and put it on the clipboard. Then paste into Paint, clip to just your graphic, then copy and paste it into your DAQFactory document.

Works in all versions of DAQFactory.

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