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Is there a way to read the current PC's screen resolution and display it in a variable value component?

Reason I ask is because we use 3 or 4 different sized screens, and I'm trying to get away from multiple .ctl files floating around just because the screen is different sized..(I have to make changes in all .ctl files if I make a change in 1! :o )

I was planning on making an initial page displaying the current res, and a few buttons that link to "the correctly scaled" pages based on their decision to "scale it down" to their screen size...

I know it might make my .ctl file rather large due to multiple "similar" pages, but 1 .ctl file is better than 4. :(

Any input helps, thanks!

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I resulted in making a start-up pop-up that runs in my InitVariabes sequence that has

4 buttons leading to the properly scaled pages.

I was just wanting to show the user their current res so to help them decide on the

correct button to push. :o:(

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