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We are replacing an old mechanical plotter with a LabJack U3-HV. It generates a X and Y plot of force vs distance. The fixture is hand operated by a crank and uses a transducer to sense force and quad-redundant LVDT's to sense distance. We need to generate a graph as we crank it out to 140 lbs and back to zero to examine the hysteresis. We also need to generate a graph of each distance LVDT to verify its polarity. I have the hysteresis graph working fairly well, but I am having a hard time with the polarity graphs.

They must be on the same sheet so they can be compared. We run each LVDT seperately from -20 to +20 lbs. I can get them to graph (kindof), but how do I graph one, then, while retaining that trace, graph the second LVDT and retain those and graph the 3rd, etc. I would like to put them on the same page as the hysteresis graph maybe by overlaying a second small graph in the corner.

Also, is there a way to "clock" the graph based on markers (delta values) taken from the X (force) axis? This would take away the inconsistancy that occurs in the hysteresis graph because of different cranking speeds.

Thanks from a DAQFactory novice!

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