Big/little endian in byte conversions

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OK, let's try to post this topic just one more time.

I have a serial device sending a 4 byte double word following big endian convention. That is, the most significant word comes first and bits are ordered most significant first. Or at least that's how I interpret this screen shot:


The problem is I can't find a suitable combination of byte conversion commands to convert the word to a value.

Right now I grab the data as a string using Device.myInst.Read(4) then convert to

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If one of the To.xx() or From.xx() functions doesn't work, you can always just rearrange the bytes yourself so it works in one of those functions:

private string datain =

private data = asca(datain)

private out

out[0] = datain[2]

out[1] = datain[3]

out[2] = datain[0]

out[3] = datain[1]

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Yes, reversing the byte order manually is the quickest way to get the the right #s:

while (streamOn) // and until it's turned OFF

data[3] = Device.FIS.Read(1) // read 4 bytes of data, reversing order of bytes from

data[2] = Device.FIS.Read(1) // most significant to least

data[1] = Device.FIS.Read(1)

data[0] = Device.FIS.Read(1)


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